Finally A Complete Guide On.....

"How To Plant A Healthy Garden And Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruits And Berries Even If
You're An Absolute


"And if you think people are born with a green thumb, THINK AGAIN!" I used to have a brown thumb. I tried raising all sorts of plants, and no matter what type of plant it was they ALWAYS died. Now I'm here to make
sure this doesn't happen to you!



Name: Kate Louise


Dear Gardener,

I tried planting rose bushes, and before the beauties could even bloom the bushes had become dried sticks without a touch of green.

I tried planting corn, squash, beans and all sorts of vegetables and my garden didn't even produce a single kernel. Not even enough food to feed an ant. Believe me, I am sure that the ants and bees were laughing their heads off at me as they searched for food elsewhere. They sure weren't finding anything to eat in MY YARD!

I figured maybe because I was living in Georgia, where red clay was a problem then I would try potted plants instead. I tried flowers, and they died. A friend suggested that I try growing a cactus, so I did, the cactus died. HOW CAN YOU KILL A CACTUS???

Someone else suggested that I try an Aloe Plant, because these things were indestructible. A friend gave me an aloe plant and the poor thing was dead within 3 months. Needless to say my friends quit suggesting things for me to grow. One even told me that if I got a fake plastic plant, with my luck, it would probably die too!

I so desperately wanted to see a little lively green plant growing happily in my home. I wanted fresh vegetables for my table. All I found instead was bad luck, wasted money, and a lot of ceremonies where I would go outside, and somberly say goodbye to yet another dead plant.


Then One Day I Discovered Air Plants!

I was at a craft show, and a lady there was selling air plants that were OH SO BEAUTIFUL!

She said NO ONE could kill these plants. She told me that all they needed was to be hung in the bathroom, and the steam from the shower would provide all the nutrients they needed. NO DIRT! NO FERTILIZER! They needed nothing except a moist environment that is provided in any bathroom.

I was as happy as an ant on a hill of honey when I got home with my new plants. I purchased 3 beautiful air plants, hung them neatly in my bathrooms and basked in the joy of FINALLY seeing a thing of beauty growing in my home.


That Is Until They Died!

All three of them, yes all three, died. Within a month they were gone, dried up, dead, 3 more somber ceremonies. So much for my green thumb.

By this time even I myself was too scared to get a plastic plant. It would probably dry out and die on me too then I would probably have to cut both of my thumbs off!

I gave up on growing plants for years after that. The air plants were my last attempt, and I had given up for good. I swore to myself I would NEVER again try to grow another plant for as long as I live.

Then one day I was searching the internet for information about knitting. I stumbled across a gardening forum where ladies were knitting plant pot covers. One of the ladies had a picture of the most beautiful tree I had ever seen in my life! A dark red Japanese Maple tree that had a breath taking beauty that I had never seen before in my life.


I Had To Have One!

This tree was so beautiful, I found myself craving one for my own yard. I wanted one so badly that I spent months researching Japanese Maples and how to grow them successfully.

Japanese Maples, I found, are very expensive. I wanted to learn all I could about them before I purchased my own, because I wanted to MAKE SURE that my Japanese Maple would not die!

Yes, silly me decided to try again, and this time not on a plant that costs just a few dollars. I was getting brave and preparing myself to try and grow a plant that costs over $200 dollars for the large ones.

I read forums, looked up gardening articles, and tried to find as much information as I could about Japanese Maples online.

Sadly, the information I located dealt mostly with maintaining them once they were already established and growing successfully. I needed information on how to keep one from DYING before it got established in my yard and I could not locate this information ANYWHERE!

I checked out books in the local library, and had no luck. I searched for days, hours at a time, and could not find the information I needed.

I decided to look for older gardening books, and THAT is when my search was over! I found a slew of old gardening books written in the 1800's that answered EVERY question I had about growing trees, fruits, vegetables and flowers that I could dream of.

After all my trials and failures I learnt the secrets of successful gardening. Now I have beautiful plants and vegetables and now want to share my success with you.



"Sustainable Vegetable Gardening"Our Sustainable Vegetable Gardening Ebook

The "Sustainable Vegetable Gardening" is one of those ebooks, and the main one that helped me in learning everything I need to know about growing any plant I can dream of under the sun!

In my own experience I have found that garden books, while seldom lacking in information, often do not present it in the clearest possible way.

In "Sustainable Vegetable Gardening" I have aimed to give you first of all practical information, and in addition to that, make it comprehensive, yet simple and concise.

"This ebook will guide you every step of the way with detailed instructions for everything from garden planning and preparing to planting, protecting, and harvesting.

The "Sustainable Vegetable Gardening" provides over 150 pages of helpful gardening how to information, and tips that will help you grow plants with ease without them dying like they did on me!

Even if you're a professional gardener, you'll find many tips to help better your growing success!


Here's What You'll Discover In Sustainable Vegetable Gardening:

 You will learn about choosing the right location on your property for growing plants. You'll find in depth information on slope of your land, and what spot is best for growing successfully.

 Preparing the soil properly to provide nutrition for healthy plants.

 Fencing techniques for your garden. In this section you get humorous techniques for using hawthorn trees as fencing, to keep troublesome lads from stealing their fruits and vegetables! You do not need to spend hundreds for a chain link, wooden or brick fence. Use hawthorn trees and with a little love and time you'll have a fence that will make your neighbors green with envy!

 Designing, or laying out, your garden so that it's pleasing to the eye yet functional as well.

 You'll learn how to make hotbeds, so that you can start your vegetables earlier in the season and have edible produce as many as 15 days earlier than normal! This can be a moneymaker if you sell produce. Be the first in your neighborhood to have fresh green tomatoes and watermelons!

 Learn about true seeds and the soundness of seed. You'll learn how to test seed before you plant them, to determine if you have good seed or bad. Some seeds will not grow if it's bad, and by using a simple technique you can throw out the bad instead of laboring with planting them only to find no lovely sprouts growing where they were sowed.

 Learn proper methods for saving and preserving seed. I find this the most fun of gardening! I now save seed regularly and have a yard full of beautiful blooms from seeds I have saved and sown.

 Learn proper sowing methods to improve your seeds germination rate, and to ensure healthy plants. Proper spacing and depth can mean success or failure in the garden!

 Sustainable Vegetable Gardening provides proper transplanting methods, to ensure your plants survival when moving from one area to another.

 Cultivating your garden properly and methods for tilling, trenching and sowing to ensure your gardens success.

 Learn propagating methods so that you can grow many more plants form just one stock plant. Learn propagating from cuttings, by grafting, by using stock tress, by budding and by layering. All of these are easy and fun methods that you and your family are sure to enjoy!

 There is a nice section on growing grapes in minimum space while producing so many grapes that it'll make your mouth water!

 Learn how to successfully grow 81 different vegetables and herbs, 26 tasty fruits and nuts and the most popular flowers and shrubs with the most gorgeous blooms!


It's All About Growing A Healthy Garden

You are sure to love the information, guidance and tips provided in Sustainable Vegetable Gardening!

Gardening is not an easy task; you have to fight against many outside forces, such as weather, insects, disease, and weeds.  Even the most seasoned of gardeners will seek out gardening advice once in a while. 

Who wouldn’t when there are so many forces that could take a garden out?  There is a lot of general gardening advice on the market that goes for any plant, but if you look a little harder you will find specific advice for that one plant that is the only one giving you trouble.


"Look At What My Previous Customers Say About
"Sustainable Vegetable Gardening!"

 My Customers Approve

Finally I've Got Healthy Vegetables

"Dear Kate,

First I would tell you that I'm more then glad to write a testimony for your guide because it was all I needed to be a successful gardener.

I used the information from your guide and now have a vegetable garden full of healthy vegetables instead of a mass plant graveyard!

This type of information has helped me in so many ways and also have 5 cabbage and carrot rows growing successfully in my garden which is some thing I never thought I would do on my own. Now I'm always excited to plant new vegetable because I know they will grow successfully.

Many Thanks"

Frank F. kampala, CA 


I Have A Large Vegetable Garden

"Hi Kate,

I would like to thank you for the information you provide in your Sustainable Vegetable Gardening. When I got your guide I didn't know anything about gardening, but reading and applying what's in your guide transformed me to a true gardener.

This past spring I planted a successful vegetable garden that provided enough produce to feed 5 families for 2 months and provide many bags for our freezers!

My second fall garden was planted just last week and is already sprouting many tiny plants for a second harvest. All this was planted on a piece of plot that measures not more than 20 feet by 40 feet!

Thanks for your easy to understand guide!

Nolleen. Soul, Israel


My Recommended Guide To Gardening

I'm writing to you to thank you for your guide which has more then helped me in my gardening needs. Your guide opened my eyes what I never thought would be possible as a gardener like me.

Last season I had so many cucumbers growing that I could not even can them all I had to give them away! My zucchini's were so huge that they had to be shared with my in laws and my mother, because we could not eat them as fast as they grew.

Now my flowerbed has lavender, dianthus, clematis, daisies and many odd plants growing beautifully. My verbena has taken over our drive; it's outgrown its bed! Which is something I never thought possible.

To anyone who wants to start on gardening or wants to expend your knowledge on gardening there is no guide I would recommend then this guide.


Babble. Smith, South Africa



Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

Gardening ebooks are excellent for any type of gardener at any level.  No matter how much gardening knowledge and experience you have, I guarantee you that this gardening book answers all that you don’t know. 

This gardening book can be used no matter what you grow: shrubs, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and trees, even those of you who grow weeds!

But once you decide to get your copy today you will also receive this following bonus guides...


 Free Bonus #1

Worm Farming

How To Make Your Own Compost

If you want to learn to create your own quality organic soil and use it when you need to, this guide, “Worm Farming - Beginners Guide to Starting a Worm Farm”, has all that you need to know about worm farming and how you can use the compost it as rich fertilizer for your vegetables.

Composting is part of the green living concept. It is part of the recycling method when the worms are consuming the organic waste. The compost when complete can also be used as fertilizer for plants and vegetables.

Since this is an organic mix, you don’t have to concern yourself with pesticides and other chemicals that would affect your plants and vegetables.

Here's What You'll Learn From This Guide:

 How to start your worm farm

 Items you need to create a worm farm

 The kind of container you need to set it up

 What is bedding and what is used to make it

 What kind of waste is prohibited from putting in the compost

 How composting affects fruits and vegetables

 And so much more!

Using the compost with worms will help you to have a better quality of soil because of the castings that come from the worm. Organic soil is of high quality and you won’t have to concern yourself with those unfamiliar toxins if you were to use regular soil.


Free Bonus #2 

Beginner Gardeners Composting Ebook

 Gardener's Composting

Practical Guide To Vegetable Gardening With Composting

Learn what to do to improve your plants to be lush and healthy. Learn that by just adding compost to your landscape and gardens your need for additional fertilizer will be minimized.

Learn how to have the richest soil in the neighborhood.You find that your plants are giving you fits in your landscape because it seems like a parade of weeds, insects or diseases have invaded and taken over.

The problem is probably not due to insects or diseases but the poor soil that the plants are in. This poor soil is the major cause of invading insects and/or plant diseases.

With the poor soil comes weak and unhealthy plants that are more likely to get insect or disease problems. By improving the soil with compost, either before or after planting, will create a big difference. Anytime is a great time to add compost.

Here's What You'll Learn From This Guide:

 Discover the numerous benefits of making garden compost.

 The fertilizing value of compost 

 Nutrients in the compost pile  

 Composting for the food gardener

 The steps to making humus        
 Evaluating nitrogen content      

 Making and using complete organic fertilizer

 The superior value of indore compost
This is a complete guide to home composting and fertilizing gardens organically using the compost from your worm farm. Plus so much more!


Free Bonus #3 

Growing Herbs

 Growing Herbs

Growing Your Own Herb Garden

If you’re not the type of person that wants to spend their time managing an elaborate fruit or vegetable garden, you might consider planting and maintaining an herb garden.

While the product might not seem as significant, you’ll still enjoy the constant availability of fresh, delicious herbs to flavor your meals with.

First you’ll want to choose the herbs that you’ll plant. You might have a hard time doing this because of the huge scope of herbs available.

By planting your own collection of these herbs, you can save money on buying them from the grocery store while having the added benefit of freshness. Some of the herbs you might start with include rosemary, sage, basil, dill, mint, chives, and parsley among others.

Here's What You'll Learn From This Guide:

 Getting Started With Herb Growing

 Growing Basil - The King of Herbs

 Growing Dill - The Most Important Culinary Herb

 Growing Marjoram - The Herb of Happiness

 Growing Mint - The Herb of Hospitality

 Growing Mustard - The Greatest Among The Herbs

 Growing Rosemary - Herb of Remembrance

 Growing Thyme - Herb of Courage

 And a lot of other herbs.
So if you enjoy herbs or gardening, or both, then you should probably consider setting up an herb garden and with this ebook at your disposal you will get guidelines on planting healthy herbs right in your home garden.


Free Bonus #4 

 Greenhouse Growing

Growing Plants In Your Own Greenhouse

If gardening is your hobby, greenhouse growing will interest you. 

With a greenhouse, you can have the earliest tomatoes and salad greens all year. 

You can also start seedlings for the main garden early in the spring when outdoor temperatures would kill them. 

Learning how to grow plants in your own greenhouse can be a good investment Because You can be growing vegetables all year round that would fail in certain seasons.

Here's What You'll Learn From This eBook:

 Discover exactly what a greenhouse is.

 Numerous benefits of greenhouses.

 How to start growing in your greenhouse immediately!
 All the different types of tools and materials needed to be successful.
 Determine what framing you need for your greenhouse in your climate.
 How to properly water your greenhouse plants.

 Get answers to all greenhouse foundation questions.

 Learn what you can plant directly on the floor of the greenhouse.
 Find out the largest vegetables that will need the most spacing in your greenhouse.
 Discover what you should be mixing in rows when planting.
You will also find which vegetables will need the most spacing in your greenhouse, and so much more!


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 My Huge, Risk-Free 3-Month, 100%
Money-Back Guarantee


90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If in 3 months the guidelines in my ebook don't help you become a successful gardener simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money.

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If You Serious About Growing A Healthy Garden
Then This Is Your Guide

Gardening books come in all different shapes and sizes and offer more information on gardening than can be found anywhere else.  Anything anyone ever wanted to know about gardening can be found in a gardening book. 

Gardening books are not expensive, and will end up being worth much more than you will pay for one.  Not only can gardening books be used for personal use, they are also an excellent gift for a gardening friend.


 I've Got All Sorts Of Plants Growing

Hi Kate,

Thanks to your book I now have 2 Japanese Maples growing successfully. One a glowing embers the other the coveted bloodgood (the most beautiful tree on the planet in my opinion).

I have hundreds of boxwood that I propagated from cuttings, growing successfully beside my cuttings beds. My Azaleas are rooting successfully now, and they are LIVING!

I have come a long way from where I could not even keep any type of plants alive.

My success is thanks to your book "Sustainable Vegetable Gardening".

John F. Ripon, CA 


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

All the information you'll need to get started is provided in the Sustainable Vegetable Gardening guide, no matter what type of growing success you have had in the past you'll find tips and techniques to improve your growing success in this manual! 

You too can grow successfully as I have, by increasing your knowledge and putting these methods into practice today!

SAY NO to dying plants and SAY YES to success now!

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Best Regards,

Author of Sustainable Vegetable Gardening

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The fact of the matter is, you will never have to worry about requesting a refund.

Why? Because once you read the manual, and start growing wonderful plants for your home, family and friends. You'll be so happy to see the smile your new gifts bring that you'll know your purchase was a wise investment!

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And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following gardening guides:  

Sustainable Vegetable Gardening - Which is a 123 page ebook that will guide me on nearly everything I need to know on vegetable gardening. I will also learn how to grow 81 different vegetables and herbs, 26 tasty fruits and nuts and the most popular flowers and shrubs.

Worm Farming - This ebook will guide me on how to create my very own quality organic soil which I will use to grow a healthy vegetable garden and so don’t have to concern myself with pesticides and other chemicals that would affect my plants and garden.

Gardeners Compost - This ebook will guide me on how to grow various types of vegetables by using organic compost using complete organic fertilizer.

Growing Herbs - This ebook will give me guidelines on how to grow different types of healthy herbs right from my own garden.

Greenhouse Growing - This ebook will guide me on the different types of greenhouses to grow plants and vegetables all year round, plus know the different types of tools and materials needed.

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- Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

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- Gardeners Compost

- Growing Herbs

- Greenhouse Growing

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- Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

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- Gardeners Compost

- Growing Herbs

- Greenhouse Growing

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the meaning of sustainable vegetable gardening?

The definition of vegetable garden in the dictionary is a backyard garden, or part of a garden, in which you grow your own vegetables.

Why vegetable gardening is vital?

Growing your own vegetables and fruits have a positive environmental impact as well as it is a great way to save the bees. Bees are vital for the world's food production because they pollinate most of the crops.

Why do homegrown vegetables taste good?

Home-grown vegetables produce fewer fruits on average. Hence each fruit will get more nutrients, making them better tasting.